Let’s talk Firefly. Yes, another Joss Whedon masterpiece. It debuted on September 20, 2002 and was canceled after only airing 11 of its 14 original episodes. That was a mistake because this show is genius. The characters are amazing, the premise of space cowboys is awesome, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds is played fantastically by Nathan Fillion.

Starting from the beginning, I could tell I was going to love this show. It is important to note that I never saw it when it was actually on television. I borrowed the DVD’s from a friend. He told me to watch it and man, what a suggestion. After I watched it I bought my own copy. I was so disappointed that I would never get to see new episodes. Every episode is brilliant. I don’t think I can say a bad thing about any of them.

If you are a fan of the series then you know that the first episode that aired was the Train Job, but that is not the first episode. The first episode is Serenity Part 1 & 2. This wasn’t aired first because the network didn’t believe audiences would invest in it. In order the episodes are:

  1. Serenity Parts 1 & 2
  2. The Train Job
  3. Bushwacked
  4. Shindig
  5. Safe
  6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  7. Jaynestown
  8. Out of Gas
  9. Ariel
  10. War Stories
  11. Trash (never aired)
  12. The Message (never aired)
  13. Heart of Gold (never aired)
  14. Objects in Space

There are, of course, episodes that I like more than others even though I love them all. My favorite is Out of Gas. The reason I love this episode so much is because it is all about backstory. It explains how Mal met each of his crew members. I love the way the actors portrayed these characters with such humor and sadness. Serenity breaks down and is floating through space. They need a part or they are going to die because the oxygen is running out. Captain Reynolds orders his crew (family) to get into the shuttles and leave him. Another ship find him and gives him the part, only after trying to steal Serenity out from under him. Of course, Mal is never going to let his home get taken away and he fights and wins (after being shot in the belly). He gets the part and while he is trying to get to the engine room and not bleed to death while running out of air, he has flashbacks of how he met each of his family members. The acting is outstanding, the story is funny (especially how him and Zoe meet Jayne) and the script is perfect. If you do not watch any other episode of this show, watch this one!

I will watch this show over and over again. Sometimes I will just put it in and listen to it while I’m doing other things and I will find myself repeating the lines and then I am just watching it and doing nothing else. If you are a fan of this show then you understand what I am saying. Anyone that is a die-hard fan can talk about it whenever and wherever. Every character is unforgettable. Watch it for the relationship between Zoe and Wash and stay for the relationship between Malcolm Reynolds and his FAMILY!

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